Slots with Moderate Volatility

Many slot players find their sweet spot with games that offer a medium level of volatility. Different players appreciate the lower risk and larger payouts compared to higher volatility games. The medium volatility slots you’ll find at are perfect if you’re looking for reliable and consistent action in the United Kingdom.

Medium-Volatility Slots Are…

Slot machines with a medium volatility offer a more even chance of winning and losing than their low and high volatility counterparts. Playing slots with a medium volatility level allows you to have fun and not worry too much about losing your money too quickly.


Both novice and seasoned slot players enjoy games with medium volatility, therefore many companies like Blueprint Gaming make them. This is why slots of medium volatility can be found across a wide variety of themes and game types.


How Do Slots with Medium Volatility Function?

Slot machines with medium variance offer frequent winning combinations without the substantial risk of protracted losing streaks. They’re perfect for slot gamers who already have some experience and know how crucial it is to keep their bankrolls in good shape. Because of this, new players should get their feet wet with slots that have low volatility.


Explaining Slot Variation

The volatility or variance of a slot machine is a measure of how frequently and how much it is predicted to pay out. What this term refers to in the context of online slot machines is the theoretical payout percentage. The return to player (RTP) % is a common measure of variance since it indicates the amount of money that will be given back to the player.


A slot machine with a return to player percentage of 96.73% would pay out £96.83 on average if a player wagered £1 for 100 spins. Over a long period of time, your win rate should approach the RTP number.


There is a wide range of volatility in slot machines, from very low to quite high.


Low-Risk Positions

Slot machines with low volatility are programmed to pay out smaller jackpots more frequently. This implies that players will experience the excitement of winning after every few spins, but they will rarely enjoy the pleasure of a large payoff. Low-volatility online slots are best for new players because they pose less of a risk than the other two types.


Slots with Moderate Volatility

Many slot players find their ideal playing range in games with medium volatility. Because of this, they are preferable to high-risk games while still being able to outperform low-risk games in terms of payouts. The large number of bonuses available in medium volatility slots make them the most played type of slot machine.


Extremely Risky Machines

Players with experience and a high risk tolerance should try their luck in high return to player positions. The largest payouts can be found in high-volatility slot games, but you’ll need a sizable bankroll to play them because of the long dry spells between wins. Some players prefer to avoid high volatility slots and stick to games with lower and medium levels of risk.


The fascinating elements that slots offer can cause their volatility to shift over time. The RTP and volatility of a game can be affected by the presence of features like free spins, progressive jackpots, and other incentives.


Characteristics of Low to Medium Risk Video Slots

There are a few key differences between low and high variance online slots that make the former more appealing to some players. The following are examples:


Free spins, progressive jackpots, scatter symbols, wild symbols, and more can all be triggered in slots with a medium volatility.

The highest payout is between one thousand and five thousand times the initial wager.

Several reputable software providers have slots with medium volatility.

They’re an ideal medium between high- and low-volatility machines.

The Benefits of Playing Slots with Medium Volatility

The benefits of medium-variance slot games are as follows:


High-volatility slot machines have a lower house edge but lower potential rewards, therefore the risk-to-reward ratio is favorable.

The progressive jackpots in most slot games with a medium expected return can be life-changing for the lucky winners.

Both the biggest payment you hope to get and the maximum bet you intend to place are attainable targets. Slot machines with medium volatility help you learn to manage your money.


Medium volatility slots may have the following drawbacks:


Some players may be satisfied with the rewards offered by the finest medium volatility slots, but those who want the big jackpots offered by high volatility slots may be disappointed.

Some high-volatility slots have a lower minimum payout than a number of medium-volatility slots.

Medium-volatility slot machines are not as reliable in terms of payouts as low-volatility ones, so you may go longer between payouts.

JeffBet Has the Best Medium-Volatility Slot Machines

Following the on-screen prompts at JeffBet, you can access a selection of medium-volatility slot machines. All you have to do is visit our website and register. Once you’ve filled out the required information, your registration will be complete. Once you’ve placed your first deposit, you’ll have access to the website’s medium-variance slot machines.


The following are some of JeffBet’s top recommendations for medium-variance slot machines:


Inferno Kitchen

One of the most played games created by NetEnt Studios is called Hell’s Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay, one of the most well-known chefs in the world, serves as inspiration for this medium-volatility slot. It has a free spins bonus, scatter symbols, and wild symbols, and it uses a dual 5×3 reel design.


The maximum payout on this slot machine’s 20 active paylines is 10 times your initial wager. Gordon Ramsay himself is the wild symbol, and your wins can be multiplied by as much as three thanks to the bonus features.


Arson Joker

Fire Joker, from Play’n Go, is another top medium volatility slot. It’s easy to pick up and play thanks to the three reels and five paylines. This is not to say that there aren’t any extras to enjoy. Despite having standard features like wild symbols and free spins, Play’n GO’s Fire Joker is a fan favorite because of its unique bonus game.


It has a decent risk-to-reward ratio and appealing visuals, backdrop fire effects, and music to match.


Golden Rainbow

Among the top slots for medium volatility, Rainbow Riches stands out for its wild reels and flexible betting options. Its most alluring features are the Road to Wealth, the Treasure Chest, and the Wishing Well. There are 20 fixed paylines across the game’s five reels, giving players plenty of ways to win the jackpot prize.


Because it is one of the greatest medium-volatility slots at JeffBet, new players get 20 free spins to use on it right away.


Questions and Answers Regarding Slots with Medium Volatility

If you have any inquiries about slots with medium volatility, we’ve got answers.


 How Do I Determine the Slot Game’s Volatility?

Because the optimal variation will vary from person to person, there is no universally correct response to this topic. Medium-volatility slots are a good compromise between the low- and high-risk options, offering rewards that are somewhere in between.

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