Episode 21 – #LKDigest: Ryan Lochte, Root Canals, & The Next Bachelorette I suck at newsletters. So I’d like to introduce you to the next best thing: The LK Digest, AKA the audio version of a catch up session. Say goodbye to formality and structure, because we’re talking about everything under the damn sun in this […]

This could get awkward. But it’s entirely worth it because this is a topic that I think all small business owners and personal brands can benefit from! A Few Good Rules of Thumb: sharing from an account that’s private is generally bad form. you have access to their photos while other’s don’t, so it’s usually […]

Alternate title: chasing kids & chasing dreams. It’s been so great to get to know Brittany in little pieces over the years. We’d see each other here and there at industry nights and Christmas parties, always with a glass of wine in our hands and a story or two to share. Between us, we’ve got […]

In episode 12 I introduced a new recurring series for the podcast, which was called 30 Days of Ryan Kelly. Shortly after, I realized this could be shortened to 30DORK, and I liked it even more. Recapping: 30 Days of Meditation Ryan’s first task was to complete 30 days of a meditation practise, in whatever […]

Sharing this story has been on my big picture to-do list for years. I am so thankful for the scribbles and notes I saved from all those years ago, which helped to connect the events and the way that they unfolded. It’s funny how time passes and your perspective changes. Maybe Justin Bobby was right, […]

 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS  //  LISTEN ON GOOGLE PODCASTS Yvonne Langen and I have been building a friendship one Sunday evening at a time over the last 6 years. We are both members of the Unputdownable Book Club and have a similarly candid approach to speaking our minds without much of a filter. This was […]

Episode 15 – Are You Letting One Person’s Opinion Stop You from Taking Action? When I had the opportunity to stand face to face with Gary Vaynerchuk and ask him one question, I chose one that I already knew the answer to. I realized shortly after, that I was letting one person’s opinion hold far too […]

Episode 14 – No, I Won’t Have Coffee With You (& Here’s Why) Don’t mind the salty title, this episode has a wholesome message about learning to be intentional with every minute in your day. After a major lifestyle adjustment where I ended up losing 15 working hours a week, I was FORCED to examine the […]

The universe works in mysterious ways, which is the only way to explain the random encounter of myself and Mia St. Aubin after meeting for 1 day over 7 years ago. We’ve both been on a journey to spread positivity, motivation, and self-love in our work — mine with the recent launch of this podcast, […]

Earlier this week my husband and I were getting tired of watching one show over and over on Netflix, so we took a break and stumbled upon that new show Tidying Up. We’ve both read the KonMari book and went through a huge purge of our stuff last year in preparation to move from a […]




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