Alternate title: chasing kids & chasing dreams. It’s been so great to get to know Brittany in little pieces over the years. We’d see each other here and there at industry nights and Christmas parties, always with a glass of wine in our hands and a story or two to share. Between us, we’ve got […]

 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS  //  LISTEN ON GOOGLE PODCASTS Yvonne Langen and I have been building a friendship one Sunday evening at a time over the last 6 years. We are both members of the Unputdownable Book Club and have a similarly candid approach to speaking our minds without much of a filter. This was […]

The universe works in mysterious ways, which is the only way to explain the random encounter of myself and Mia St. Aubin after meeting for 1 day over 7 years ago. We’ve both been on a journey to spread positivity, motivation, and self-love in our work — mine with the recent launch of this podcast, […]

If you listen carefully, you can hear the tiny children peering through the door of our Dad’s basement office, where Scott and I recorded this episode during our Christmas visit. In this episode, I’m introducing you to one of my very favourite people, my older brother of 9 years, Scott Hurren. Yes, friends, that’s my […]

Who records their very first meeting? Laura Kelly and Chantsy, that’s who. Up until 6 minutes before we hit record, we had only ever interacted through our phone screens. But for two people who share a LOT of their lives on social media, it’s very possible to form a real friendship without ever meeting in […]

I had a very small window of opportunity for Kristen to agree to being on the podcast. Each time I mentioned recording together her shoulders went up and she quickly changed the subject. Turns out she had reservations about whether she’d have anything valuable to contribute. I reminded her that conversations with regular folk, not […]

With a laptop in one hand, a cell phone in the other, and an umbrella resting on my shoulder in the pouring rain, I called my friend Alyssa and asked her for her coffee order. I was hitting up the Starbucks just a few steps from the studio where we were set to record our […]




I'm Laura Kelly, owner of a small business rooted in passion and care, a mom of two fiercely independent children and married to my soulmate of 12 years.

Lover of controversy, drama, and adding fuel to the fire.


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