LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS  //  LISTEN ON GOOGLE PODCASTS Yvonne Langen and I have been building a friendship one Sunday evening at a time over the last 6 years. We are both members of the Unputdownable Book Club and have a similarly candid approach to speaking our minds without much of a filter. This was […]

Episode 14 – No, I Won’t Have Coffee With You (& Here’s Why) Don’t mind the salty title, this episode has a wholesome message about learning to be intentional with every minute in your day. After a major lifestyle adjustment where I ended up losing 15 working hours a week, I was FORCED to examine the […]

The universe works in mysterious ways, which is the only way to explain the random encounter of myself and Mia St. Aubin after meeting for 1 day over 7 years ago. We’ve both been on a journey to spread positivity, motivation, and self-love in our work — mine with the recent launch of this podcast, […]

TEN EPISODES! I promised myself I would celebrate small victories in Episode 5 and I’m holding myself to it. Double digits, friends, and it’s a great day to feel GOOD about hard work! I am so proud of the 10 episodes that are available — so much good content for the heart and the brain […]

I recorded this episode after a night of drinking at my husband’s work Christmas party. My voice is rough and groggy and I secretly wish it stayed like that all the time. Guess I’ll pour myself another vodka soda and do it in the name of podcast homework… Episode 09 – How to be an Asshole […]

Just in time for your next holiday party, friends… Episode 07 – We’re All Just a Bunch of Socially Paranoid Freaks Good news, you’re not a weirdo. Turns out we’re all just a bunch of socially paranoid freaks and it’s in our biological makeup. In light of this news, you may as well decide to have […]

I had a very small window of opportunity for Kristen to agree to being on the podcast. Each time I mentioned recording together her shoulders went up and she quickly changed the subject. Turns out she had reservations about whether she’d have anything valuable to contribute. I reminded her that conversations with regular folk, not […]




I'm Laura Kelly, owner of a small business rooted in passion and care, a mom of two fiercely independent children and married to my soulmate of 12 years.

Lover of controversy, drama, and adding fuel to the fire.


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